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TurmeriX™| The Benefits of Stevia

Welcome back to our series of articles as we deep dive into the individual ingredients that make up the TurmeriX™ blend. Each ingredient was chosen to be part of the blend for its unique individual properties and for its complementary synergy when mixed with other powerful natural ingredients. One ingredient on its own cannot do it all, but when taken together that is where the effectiveness happens!

This week our in-depth look is at Stevia!

So… What is Stevia?

Stevia has been used for hundreds of years to sweeten food. Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni), grows in Paraguay and Brazil. Today, Stevia is part of the sugar substitute market: it has no calories and is about 200-times sweetener than sugar in the same concentration.

Once the leaves are harvested, dried, and steeped in hot water, the liquid is then filtered and spun to make an extract. It is then, blended with any number of additives, like dextrose or maltodextrin, to cut the intense sweetness so that it can then be easily incorporated into foods and beverages.

Stevia for Diabetes Control

Using Stevia as a sweetener carries a good potential for a diabetic as it may have favorable effects on blood sugar levels. One study indicates: “Stevia preloads reduced postprandial blood glucose and insulin levels, suggesting Stevia may assist with glucose regulation”.

One noticeable fact is that participants did not compensate by eating more after their meals and reported similar levels of satiety compared to when they consumed the higher calorie sucrose preload. Therefore, according to this study, substituting sugar with low-calorie sweeteners may also be an efficacious weight management strategy.

Stevia as an Antioxidant

A study has shown that Stevia leaves and callus may have strong antioxidant activity and could be consumed instead of stevioside (glycoside derived from the stevia plant). It would lead to an increase of the amount of all the major antioxidant in the final product.

The antioxidant potential of Stevia may come from the presence of phenolic compounds, flavonoid, diterpene glycosides and much more…

This sweetener is found in many kinds of food and beverage and is ranked as one of the safest sugar substitutes available on the market.

It may be a reasonable strategy to reduce the amount of sugar in a daily consumption, may be a good alternative for people suffering of diabetes and may be a rich source of antioxidant.

This ingredient was the last one of our series exposing the individual ingredients that make up the TurmeriX™ blend so special!


Stay tuned and check out our next series 😊