Coconut Cream Sorbet

• 1 can of coconut cream ( 13 oz.)
• 10 tbsp of berry sugar (finely granulated sugar)
• 1 tbsp of TurmeriX
• ½ tbsp of green tea (Matcha) powder

• In a small pot combine all ingredients, over low heat, stir the mixture until sugar is dissolved (do not boil).
• Strain into a plastic container and leave on the counter until cooled stirring often.
• Once cooled, place in the fridge to let set. It is important to stir the mixture every hour for the first 3-4 hours and then allow to set overnight.
This sorbet doesn’t require an ice cream churner but instead needs to be set in the fridge overnight. It has the velvety texture halfway between a clotted cream and a sorbet.