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TurmeriX Powder 12.7oz Tub | 138 Days Supply
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 2 female seniors, testimonial, ulcerative colitis, no inflammation, arthritis health support
 testimonial, reduces nighttime heartburn, better than ibuprofen in helping with muscle aches and pains
TurmeriX Powder 12.7oz Tub | 138 Days Supply

TurmeriX Powder 12.7oz Tub | 138 Days Supply

We are temporarily sold out of our TurmeriX soluble powder. New stock is anticipated to arrive in approximately July or August 2022. We apologize for any inconvenience. Convenient capsules are still currently available!
Soluble Turmeric Powder that works! 

TurmeriX contains a variety of natural herbs and spices essential for good health and well-being. 

Key Features: 


An exciting mix of herbs and spices, essential for good health and well-being, blended into a balanced consumable powder with an X-factor

Natural health supplements in powdered form offer a super high absorption rate giving customers a fast result using 100% pure ingredients with no extracts or additives. 

The formula contains turmeric, and the X-Factor Blend. This formula is unlike any other, offering layers of health benefits.

That Are Commonly Known For:


Other Ingredients:
Sodium Bicarbonate - Regulates Acidity & Prevents Heartburn